Integrated Open Systems Unit For Sustainable Living

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We are currently conducting two major research projects. One is on integrated biology and physiology. And the other is on smart energy systems.

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Application of systems biology and structural biology in drug discovery.

Development of a comprehensive screening technology for predicting the ligand-protein interactions and lead molecule's toxicity, functionally integrating with CellDesigner.   Application of structure-activity relationship (SAR) & large-scale factor modeling, artificial neural network training and pharmacaophore searching in identifying ligands/inhibitors with high binding affinity for targeted proteins.

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Systems Physiology

Accumulation of knowledge of physiology has opened a new scientific field, i.e. integrated life-science with keywords physiome and systems biology, in which interlevel principles as well as intra-level disciplines are explored. Roles played by multiscale and multi-level mathematical modeling of physiological functions are becoming more and more important. The framework for supporting to build such mathematical models of physiological functions and for archiving and sharing models are inevitable for further development.
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Our goal is to design architecture of sustainable living in tropic; residences and offices that can be maintain quality life only with renewable energy, as well as being extreme resilient for potential hazards. Such residences and offices shall be integrated with renewable energy sources, DC-based micro-grid systems, electric vehicles, a range of novel energy efficient systems, and water and humidity handling systems.