Integrated Open Systems Unit For Sustainable Living

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Who are we?
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Since 1st. June. 2009 -
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Since 1st. Oct. 2010 -

Research Interest
Development of an open platform --PhysioDesigner-- for multi-scale dynamical system modeling of physiological functions
Development of unsupervised spike sorting system
Theoretical study of dynamics of body including nervous system, cardiac system and so on.
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Since 1st. Dec. 2010 -

Research Interest
Application of systems biology and data-mining in drug discovery.
Application of structure-activity relationship (SAR) & large-scale factor modeling, artificial neural network training and pharmacaophore searching in identifying ligands/inhibitors with high binding affinity for targeted proteins.
Predictions of ligand/metal-protein interactions and the toxicity of lead molecules.
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Since 1st. Sep. 2013 -

Research Interest
Open Energy System project
Developing energy sharing system including facilities and simulations
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Since 1st. Apr. 2011 -

Research Interest
Development of iPathways+, a database for biological map models
Development of Payao, a curating system of biological map models
and so on
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Since 1st. Apr. 2012 -

Research Interest
Working on Open Energy System
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Since 1st. Sep. 2013 -

Research Interest
Developing energy sharing system
Managing collaborations with external institutes and companies
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Since 1st. June. 2009 -
  • Mamoru Aono 1 Nov. 2014 - 31 Mar. 2015. He worked for the energy system project.
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  • Yuuki Tamashiro 27 Dec. 2010 - 31 Mar. 2011. He was a programmer joining from Itech-Solutions Co., Ltd.
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